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Ciphers and codes of the Czech Maffie (1914-1918)

Ciphers and codes of the Czech Maffie (1914-1918)
Maffie was czechoslovakian (eventually, Slovaks was involved later) resistance movement, mostly conspiratorial organisation, against Austrohungarian monarchy. It was used espionage, smuggling news from outside world, mostly from belligerent nations, such as France, Great Britain, US and to disseminate new ideas of democracy and citizen’s liberty to the society.
Was used mostly on the basis of the Alberti disk (from the book The Cryptographic front, p.63)

Cipher wheel, self made by Emanuel Voska (1875-1960), Czechoamerican, wouldbe US. spymaster and entrepreneur, good friend of the T.G. Masaryk, from the book Emanuel Voska, p. 130
Enciphered text from the postcard, intercepted by Austrian-Hungary police and cryptanalyzed by Vienna's Evidenzbureau - Deschiffrerdienst, from the book T.G. Masaryk and his opponents, p. 247

Detailed photo of the cipher disk, from an episode How we break the monarchy, ,  TV series Czechoslovakia in the special forces

(To be continued...)

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