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Unknown czechoslovak cipher machine - breaking news

I found some notes about unknown cipher machine called "Panmilion", constructed by czech military inventor cpt. Josef Sieber.  Instrument called "deformation pantograph", according to another article in Výrocní zpráva za rok 1924, and was invented by same inventor, in: Vojenský zeměpisný ústav, vol. 1925, pp.122-129. Article about cipher machine is from Narodni listy, No. 69, vol. 65, p.10:

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Google translate of transcription of the article:
Technical patrol.

Cipher machine of home construction.

Last May, we reported on the remarkable invention of Czechoslovakia. Captain Josef Sieber - a deformation pantograph, the production of which has now been taken over by the Prague company Srb and Štys. Today we can report on a new invention of the same officer, an encryption and decryption machine, which the inventor called "Panmilion" and which not only fully matches the best known designs of these combined machines, but also surpasses them in its pure simplicity and ease of use.

Today, pat is considered the most perfect encryption machine. "Enigma", which we also referred to at the time. This machine is similar to a normal typewriter, a three-line keyboard and a total of 215 keyboards. The alphabet of this machine has 52 non-zinar marks. The function of the machine is such that when encrypting instead of a written letter, the machine itself writes another letter, when repeating the same mark it replaces it again with another letter. about the same power, because it requires a special motor to produce the necessary electricity.Writing is similar to ordinary typing. , if the machine is set to the same key as the machine with which the trap was built, the machine writes the original text.

Encryption machine cpt. Siebel can be connected to any ordinary typewriter, writing on it is the same as on a typewriter. Machine size as 360X360X140 mm, weight as 8 kg. Electricity is enough for its drive. energy 4-6 V. The basic number of keys is approximately 400,000 sextillion. The alphabet of the machine contains 35 signs. There are another 531,441 options in each key, that is, additional keys. Each letter has a special key, arbitrarily controllable and changeable even while writing one trap, the key of one letter is in no relation to the key of another letter. The machine is equipped for double encryption, either in alphabetical characters (letters) or in numbers. The special equipment of the machine enables perfect writing in all languages where Latin is used. The machine converts the special marks of the language into the international Hughes alphabet and automatically provides the rewriting text with these marks when decrypted. The machine can be brought into three positions, corresponding to special marks and letters of all cultural languages. The machine can be manufactured in 74,000 different constructions so different from each other that even with the known key it is not possible to decipher the traps written by the machine of another construction. As a result, the machine can be used simultaneously in many institutions and in many states without the assurance that even if the key is revealed, the owner of another design could decipher the traps not intended for him. The internal connection would be the secret of the machine owner and could be easily changed at will at any time. As a result, a 4-6 Volt force will suffice for the machine. The machines can also be used for service in military formations in the field in the event of mobilization, as two small dry batteries are always easy to obtain and renew. Attaching the machine to an ordinary typewriter does not preclude the typewriter from typing, it is possible to type on the typewriter even if the Panmilion encryption machine is connected. The price of the machine is a good half less. than the price of other solid encryption machines. According to our detailed information, we can confirm that the Panmilion encryption machine is a surprising work of a serious inventor, and its construction is achieved today in this field of primacy. It will be interesting to see whether the inventor will find an entrepreneurial manufacturer in the country or whether he will have to look for it for our economic damage, beyond the borders - yyy—

(to be continued)

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