štvrtok 15. októbra 2020

Military Ciphers according to cpt. Frybort

Article about military ciphers by cpt. Bedřich Frýbort, in "Vojenský svět", 1937, 11 and 12, vol. V. I. part, pp. 438-9, II.part: pp. 479-80, Title of the article in czech: "Šifrování":


Content of the article is probably about basic cipher systems used in military exercises in Czechoslovakia.

Member of the group C of cipher solutionists at Czechoslovak HQ of the Ministry of Defence headed by lieutenant colonel Josef RŮŽEK, in czech:"člen šifrové skupiny C HV MNO", according to Porubský, Š.: Application and Misapplication of the Czechoslovak STP cipher during WWII (report on an unpublished manuscript). In: Tatra Mountains Mathematical Publications, vol. 70, no. 3, p.47

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